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?Wind Mill Power

Posted by on Aug 5th, 2009
Aug 5

For hundreds of years, communities have used wind mill power to meet their energy needs. From the simple vertical axle windmills of ancient Persia to the modern electricity generators of contemporary communities, the use of wind mills is constantly evolving. Today, the term wind mill power is commonly used in reference to grinders and pumps, while the term wind turbine is commonly used for the wind mill power that generates electricity. Nonetheless, wind turbines are a modern design of the wind mill, although the term is a bit antiquated.

The first use of wind mill power dates to early writings of the seventh century, though the date of the anecdote is debatable. Nonetheless, the earliest wind mills used six to twelve sails of reed or cloth material. The power was used to grind corn or pump water. By the twelfth century, wind mill power and aesthetics were evolving in Europe. During the thirteenth century, the Chinese used the wind mill power to irrigate crops. The bases of the wind mills were becoming smaller and rounder, and communities were broadening the uses of wind energy. Although the technology was still rudimentary, the pumps and grinds were being used for various goods. The types of wind mills and the uses of the wind mill power vary greatly throughout the generations and regions.

Today, wind mill power is best used to generate electricity. This contemporary design of wind mill power is called wind turbines or wind generators. Wind mills, or wind turbines, are increasing in quantity and use around the globe. In 2007, the United States increased its wind energy generation by 45%. The estimates for 2008 appear the same. Environmental concerns and panic regarding the depletion of fossil fuels leads to regained interest in wind energy. Theoretically, the United States can generate enough wind energy to meet the energy demands of the entire nation. The area of the United States with the most potential for wind energy generation is the Midwest, and wind energy companies are currently developing wind farms in the area.

Although wind mill power is an ancient concept, the modern applications of the design can be extremely beneficial to current civilizations. The economic and environmental benefits of modernizing the old-fashioned wind mills are highly practical. Interest in wind power is increasing due to the unfortunate circumstances regarding the depletion of fossil fuels and the rising public awareness of environmental issues. The concerns regarding the economy and the individual need for cost efficiency is creating a huge market for wind energy and wind mill power.

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