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?Plans for Homebuilt Wind Power

Posted by on Nov 27th, 2008
Nov 27

As the wind energy market grows and changes, many residences and small business owners are developing plans for homebuilt wind power. Homebuilt wind power has many great and far-reaching advantages. Its economical and environmental benefits cannot be overlooked. However, there are a few factors that should be examined before beginning plans for homebuilt wind power. Location and production are important and detrimental to wind energy production. With enough research and patience, any home or small business owner will be able to reap the benefits of this amazing energy alternative.

Homebuilt wind power has many advantages. The two main reasons for home wind energy production are economical and environmental. Typically, a homeowner can save between fifty and ninety percent on their overall utility bills with the integration of homebuilt wind power to their electric grid. In some cases, the generation of wind energy can exceed the local energy use. In these cases, the utility company will purchase the excess energy from the homeowner. Wind energy is also a zero emissions energy source. The amount of environmental damage that wind energy offsets is astounding. Wind power is globally recognized as one of the cleanest energy sources, even more so when comparing it to fossil fuel derived energy sources.

Plans for homebuilt wind power should include a budget and plans for construction. Homeowners with a larger budget may purchase a home wind power kit from a factory and pay for installation. Other homeowners with a smaller budget may find it more economical to purchase the kit from a factory but install the wind energy generation system themselves. This is entirely possibly and can save the builder thousands of dollars. Both are viable options with entirely different budgets. Nonetheless, there is a wind energy kit to suit both needs.

Once the decision has been made to go forth with plans for homebuilt wind power, decisions must be made as to the location of the wind turbine. For optimal performance, builders need to pick a location with unobstructed and high wind speeds. The best locations for wind turbines tend to be in open fields, Oceanside, and mountainside. It is also important to consider others in the area. Although the technology has developed in a way that noise pollution is no longer a problem, others in the area may have concerns about the unsightliness of a turbine or satellite interference. However founded or unfounded their concerns may be, it is in the best interest to consult with concerned parties.

Developing plans for homebuilt wind power is great for homeowners looking to save money with a small (or large) investment. It is also a great way for a homeowner to do their part for the global campaign for environmentally friendly goods and services. No matter the reason, homebuilt wind power is a great option.

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