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Jan 2

With prices on fossil fuels reaching record highs, many electric companies are seeking out alternatives for their use. One option that is available and growing in use involves wind power energy. This particular renewable source of energy makes a great deal of sense for use in augmenting regular grid power for a number of reasons.
Wind power energy has grown in use dramatically over the past few years. In 2007, for example, the United States increased its capacity for wind power energy by 45 percent. The country of Denmark receives about 20 percent of all its power from the wind. Other countries are following suit.
So, what is it about wind power that has so many countries and individual power companies using it to augment regular grid power? There are a number of reasons why production of wind energy is favored over other alternatives. They include:
• Availability – Wind power energy is a renewable source of power. The reality is electric companies are running out of fossil fuel resources to tap into. Wind power, however, will never go away. While it’s true this energy source can be a bit variable, it does come back.
• Cleanliness – Energy companies the world over have long taken knocks for the environmental damages that fossil fuels can cause. Wind power does not produce emissions. This means it does not pollute, nor does it produce greenhouse gases. The overall cleanliness and greenness of wind power makes it very attractive to electric companies, politicians and consumers alike.
• Costs involved – Of all the options for renewable energy, wind power is the cheapest to put into operation. This type of energy costs only about 6 cents per kilowatt hour to produce. This makes wind energy rather attractive for power companies that are looking to augment the energy their grids can provide.
• Farming options – Power companies don’t necessarily have to purchase massive tracts of land to produce wind energy. They can instead lease land in rural areas for the installation of wind farms. The land on which wind farms are located can still be used for living, agricultural production and so on.
• Popularity – When wind power is used to augment an electrical grid, the choice is generally very well received. This can prove to be very good public relations for an energy company.
Wind power energy is growing in use by leaps and bounds. This option for augmenting regular electrical production is favored for a number of reasons. As its benefits continue to become known, it’s likely growth in this sector will continue.

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