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?The Benefits Of Wind Energy Production

Posted by on Oct 30th, 2009
Oct 30

As scientists, politicians and average Joe citizens explore the potential for alternative forms of energy that are greener and cheaper, there are already some viable options available. Wind power is one such possibility. Although there are some kinks that remain in its use, the benefits of wind energy production cannot be discounted.
A movement toward the use of wind energy has been ongoing for several decades. Already, there are many countries in the world that rely rather heavily on wind energy for their electrical production. Denmark, for example, supplies about 20 percent of its power thanks to the wind. The worldwide figure, however, is much lower. Roughly 1 percent of all energy produced in the world comes from the wind.
With concerns about the viability of continued use of fossil fuels high and the costs associated with its use climbing, the benefits of wind energy are becoming more widely known. This alternative energy source is favored by some because it:
• Is fully renewable – Unlike fossil fuels that have a finite supply, wind energy is finite. While it’s true that wind energy supplies can come and go based on weather patterns, seasons and so forth, the overall renewable side of production is one of the benefits of wind energy production that make it very attractive. Wind energy simply cannot be depleted like oil can.
• It is cleaner – Fossil fuel-based energy production can have devastating environmental impacts. The same is not so of wind production. Of all the benefits of wind energy production, this is the one that environmentalists seem to appreciate the most. The fact is creating wind energy does not leave a big footprint on the environment, nor are there risks of hazardous spills, release of greenhouse gases and other similar perils attached to its use.
• It can be cost-effective – Harvesting the wind does require a pretty big investment initially. When proper turbine installations are put into use, however, the costs can be recovered over time. Even home-based wind collectors can make a big difference in overall outgoing expenses. As the price of fossil fuels continues to skyrocket, the benefit of wind energy is becoming even clearer.
• Reduced hazards – Production of fossil fuel and nuclear power can pose rather large safety hazards. A reduction of these is another one of the many benefits of wind energy production.
The benefits of wind energy are rather extensive. Although it is difficult to fully replace the use of other sources of energy with the wind alone, this type of energy can, as Denmark stands testament to, greatly reduce reliance upon them.

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