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Sep 25

Only a few years ago it seemed like the concept of wind power was a bit of a fairy tale. While it had been proven that wind energy could be beneficial for use, its widespread application didn’t seem feasible. Today, however, all of that has changed. Thanks to a better understanding of the advantages of wind energy, its use and production is on the rise in a very big way.
The advantages of wind energy are known and put into practice in countries all over the world. From India and China to America and Denmark, the power of the wind is used to heat and cool homes, keep lights running and more. The increase in wind energy use has been prevalent in the last few years. In America, for example, the capacity for production of wind power grew by 45 percent in the year 2007 alone. European countries, such as Spain and Germany, rely on wind power to augment to their electrical grids to the tune of a few percent of total power production. Denmark, however, boasts the highest use at 20 percent of its total electrical production.
So, how are the advantages of wind energy fueling the increased movement toward this form of alternative power? A careful examination of the benefits of wind’s use will make this clear. The pros of using wind power include:
• Cost effectiveness – As fossil fuels continue to be more costly, many power producers are looking for viable alternatives. Of all of the choices out there, wind power is the most economical of the renewable energy sources. This is good news for power companies that need to boost their capacity and want to do so in a greener, yet efficient way.
• The green factor – This is one of the biggest advantages of wind energy. The reality is that wind is a renewable resource. It does not go away – at least for long. Plus, it is a clean source of energy. Wind power does not release emissions into the atmosphere. It does not produce greenhouse gases. And, it doesn’t leave a negative footprint behind.
• The capacity – Although it does take fairly sizeable wind farms to produce energy for the power grid, the reality is the capacity turbines can produce is rather impressive. In America, for example, one percent of the total energy production today now comes from wind power.
The advantages of wind energy are making this alternative power source stand out from the pack. This cleaner, cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels has been making big headway in recent years for very good reasons.

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