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?Renewable Energy: Wind Can Make A Difference

Posted by on Jul 26th, 2009
Jul 26

The cold, harsh reality is that standard sources of electricity are in limited supply. When they are gone, they are likely gone for good. Inasmuch, the push is on to find alternative sources of power. When it comes to renewable energy, wind is a viable source that is garnering much attention as of late.
As a renewable energy, wind is now responsible for producing some 1 percent of the world’s entire electrical production. Although this is a drop in the bucket in the big picture, the reality is the use is on the rise. Between 2000 and 2007, it is estimated that wind power production and use rose fivefold. Countries such as Spain and Denmark, in fact, rely heavily on wind power to provide electricity to homes and businesses.
When it comes to renewable energy, wind is a popular choice for a number of reasons. The factors that make wind stand out over other options include:
• Its worldwide abundance – Wind energy can be harvested throughout the world. Although it’s true that certain areas and certain conditions provide for the harvesting of more energy than others, wind is generally universal.
• Its ease for harvesting – To take advantage of this renewable energy, wind turbines are required. These devices are similar to giant fans. Rather than blow air, however, they are moved by air. When this happens, a shaft inside the turbine spins and send kinetic power to a generator. This, in turn, creates usable electricity.
• The clean factor – Like most sources of renewable energy, wind is considered very clean. Using wind power and harvesting it does not produce greenhouse gases and other negative environmental impacts. Wind is a cleaner, greener and readily available source of renewable energy.
• The effectiveness – Wind power has proven itself very useful in augmenting fossil fuel produced forms of energy. Denmark, for example, has managed to offset its regular electrical use by nearly 20 percent using the power of the wind. Other countries have been nearly as successful with harvesting of winds for electrical power production.
• Its costs – Homeowners who are able to operate their own wind energy systems can realize a great reduction in their use of costly electricity provided by a power company. This can be a very big benefit, especially in tough economic times.
When it comes to renewable energy, wind is a very viable source. Although there are some potential cons that go along with its use, the benefits of harvesting wind to at least offset fossil fuel consumption are hard to ignore.

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