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Apr 6

When it comes to recognizable corporate names, it’s hard to top General Electric. Known for everything from its ownership of a major television network to its creation of small electronic devices, this company is a household name the world over. One area of its operations might not be as well known as some of the others. GE wind energy is, however, one of the leaders in this alternative energy industry.
GE wind energy products have been available for more than 20 years. The company, in fact, specializes in the creation of wind turbines for the collection of kinetic energy. To date, it has more than 8,400 working turbine installations found throughout the world.
GE wind energy is known as a pioneer of technology in the field. Its products are noted for:
• Durability – GE’s wind turbines are designed for longevity. They are noted for reliable performance that offers variable speed control and independent blade pitch.
• Grid support – GE wind energy creates turbines that are meant to provide cost-effective operation for grid support. The company’s WindVAR electronics helps improve transmission efficiency and enables turbines to remain online and supply reactive power to the grid through disturbances in the system.
• International operations – To supply clients all over the world, GE wind energy has operations located in countries all over the globe. Some of its factories are found in the United States, Germany, Canada, China and Spain.
• High capacity turbines – GE wind energy creates turbines that are designed for high capacity systems. It offers a 1.5 MW system, a 2.5 MW system and a 3.6 MW system. GE’s 1.5 series, in fact, is considered one of the most widely used turbines of its classification in the entire world. It has more than 5,000 units in operation at present.
GE’s involvement in wind energy is something that many people don’t realize, but it does show a few important things about this technology. The fact that this major player has taken a serious interest in alternative energy shows that it is:
• Viable – GE lends itself to a growing list of corporate names that put an emphasis on greener technologies. The viability of wind turbine technology is clear or major players would not be involved in production.
• Of continued interest – GE’s longevity in this field shows that wind energy is not a fleeting fancy. With more than two decades in, GE’s history shows that turbine power has been of interest on the global market and continues to be so.
GE wind energy products are found the world over. As this technology gains even more interest, it is likely GE will continue to help lead the charge.

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