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Dec 16

As wind power becomes more of a major player on the worldwide energy scene, interest in this alternative source is growing. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy can help shed some light on why this power choice is taking off. It can also help explain why its use isn’t quite as prevalent as many would like to see.
The advantages and disadvantages of wind energy are best examined separately. The advantages of this source of power include:
• Clean energy – Unlike fossil fuel combustion-based energy production, wind power does not cause environmental damage. This source of energy simply does not produce greenhouse gasses like coal and natural gas do.
• It’s renewable – Of all the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy, this is one of the biggest points that make wind stand out. Unlike fossil fuels, wind energy simply cannot be depleted.
• Its costs – This is another major perk on the list of advantages and disadvantages of wind energy. The reality is wind power is fairly cheap in comparison to other forms of renewable energy. Its costs are estimated at roughly 6 cents per kilowatt hour.
• Its multipurpose functioning – The creation of wind farms in rural areas can assist the economy. This type of harvesting operation can take place on land that is used for ranging and farming food, as well. This means farmers can earn extra money off their land as they help harvest energy.
While the pros on the list of advantages and disadvantages of wind energy are quite strong, there are some cons people need to be aware of. They include:
• Cost competiveness – It is not always feasible for the production of wind energy to compete with the pricing of fossil fuel based energy. This, however, is changing.
• Access – This can be one of the biggest cons on the list of advantages and disadvantages of wind energy. The reality is the best producing wind farms are in remote locations. This can make overseeing sites and providing maintenance difficult. It can also impede plugging into the grid.
• Intermittent nature – Like it or not, wind power can be fickle. Production does tend to be intermittent and can cause some supply issues.
The advantages and disadvantages of wind energy aside, this form of power is becoming more popular. Its use now accounts for 1 percent of the world’s total energy production. This form of power is widely used in countries all over the world, including Denmark, Germany, the United States and Spain. As the need to replace fossil fuels becomes very evident, the spotlight is on this renewable source of energy for good reasons.

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