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Jun 19

The concept of sustainable development ensures that the needs of people are met without harming the environment for the generations in the future. The concept of sustainable development is an intangible network that connects everyone and everything into one world system. When we think of the earth and its inhabitants as part of a system, it is easier to understand how pollution in one area of the world can have devastating effects in another area of the world. Through the concept of sustainable development we learn that toxic air pollutants released from the United States could affect the quality of air on the other side of the world. Pesticides sprayed in one part of the world can poison the fish on another continent.
We understand through the concept of sustainable development that our quality of life depends on our past, present and future. Just as we are influenced by the decisions made by our parents and grandparents, the future generations are influenced by the decisions that we make in our everyday lives. The changes we make now to preserve the environment will greatly impact the present and future generations.
The concept of sustainable development attempts to equalize the quality of life for everyone around the world. Every person should have access to good food, and the means to purchase it or grow it. Everyone should have access to clean water; they should be able to breathe clean air. People of all nations should have equal opportunity to an education. The system is not perfect, but the concept of sustainable development is gaining ground around the world.
The concept of sustainable development is to balance the ecological and socioeconomic perspectives. We (the people of all nations) are a resource to be preserved; our livelihoods are equally important as the preservation of environmental and economic resources. Our livelihoods, based on the concept of sustainable development, depend on opportunities that are open to not only the people of the present, but also the next and future generations.
Compared to some underdeveloped countries, people in the United States and other affluent countries seem rich; many people live in absolute poverty. The concept of sustainable development is slowly gaining ground; it is attempting to boost the economy around the world, so that the once underdeveloped countries have a chance to catch up with the rest of the world. Many people that were once working for less than a dollar a day are now working for a fair wage. Outsourcing work is one concept of sustainable development at work; it is cheaper for countries like the United States to outsource work to other countries, and as a result, people, who were once in poverty, are able to work and earn money to support their families. Countries are beginning to prosper. A major concept of sustainable development is that human needs are met, while allowing for the preservation of environmental, natural and human resources; as a result, generations in the future will be able to take care of themselves.

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