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Before the age of technical innovation sustainable development, the use of fossil fuels for many generations slowly over time caused havoc with the earth’s ecosystems. Now more than in times past we are having patterns of extreme weather changes. The earth is warming up; changes in the gulf stream causes winds to shift affecting the weather. During hurricane season, violent storms form and attack the coastal areas of United States. Many believe that global warming causes shifts to the jet streams of the northern and the southern hemispheres storms have increased in intensity. Some years the east coast is battered with hurricanes and other years the season is quiet. El Niño causes the ocean to warm up, which causes atmospheric changes favorable for hurricanes on the west coast and in Australia, but it seems that in the presence of El Niño the east coast is usually fairly quiet.
Thanks to technical innovation, sustainable development has helped to preserve the home. Products are available to withstand much of the brunt force of hurricanes. Before evacuating your home it is a good idea to reinforce your home with ¾ inch exterior grade plywood. You will need to secure the plywood with 3 to 4 inch heavy duty bolts. The bolts should be spaced no more than 18 inches apart to make for maximum protection. A special kind of laminated Plexiglas, a technical innovation sustainable development product, can be used to cover windows and doors. You may not be able to eliminate damage, but you can reduce it. If and when you are given an order to evacuate your home to go to a safe place don’t try to be heroic; take your family and pets to safety, because things can be replaced, but your loved ones can’t.
Due to technical innovation, sustainable development continues to meet the needs of people without disabling people from meeting their own needs in the generations to come. Concerning hurricanes, as knowledge increases so does technical innovation; sustainable development is a concept that is gaining ground to preserve human life, as well as the environment. Through technical innovation sustainable development is a concept that creates a balance between sustaining and developing.

Thanks to recent studies and technical innovation, sustainable development strategies are in place to help people after the hurricane is over. Government agencies and individuals from other areas come to the aid of the people in need. If you live in a coastal area you have a good chance of saving your home thanks to technical innovation; sustainable development strategies has led to the development materials made strong enough to endure hurricane force winds.
With technical innovation, sustainable development strategies have led to new building designs to allow for the current of strong gale force winds to flow over them with little or no damage. Buildings are designed with aerodynamics in mind, and in the event of a hurricane these buildings have the best chance of surviving a storm.

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