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?Sustainable Development with Mining Safety

Posted by on Dec 3rd, 2009
Dec 3

For environmental purposes sustainable development with mining allows workers to excavate raw materials from the mines around the world in a responsible manner. In the past mining was more dangerous than it is today. It is still a dangerous profession, though much safer than before the days of sustainable development with mining practices. The process of mining causes pollutants to be produced, which is always a major concern; sustainable development with mining is a concept that allows for extraction of the earth’s elements with protective measures in place.
The byproducts released in mines are hazardous; sulfur and arsenic are deadly if released around or near the workers. The practices of sustainable development with mining involve that the miners must wear gas masks when their gas measurement instruments show that the air has unsafe levels of toxic gases. People working in mines now days have safety chambers they can go to in case of danger, which is the brainchild of sustainable development with mining safety. Mine workers throughout history have risked their lives to make a living; while mining is still a dangerous profession, it has been made much safer through sustainable development with mining.
Many of us don’t even realize where the products we use come from. The raw materials, minerals and metal ores, that have gone into the making of our homes, automobiles, recreational vehicles, and appliances were mined from deep inside the earth. Mining is a dangerous job because in order for a mine to exist means that the earth and its aeration and water systems had to be disturbed. Sustainable development with mining attempts to stabilize the mining structures within the earth, keeping workers safe. Miners are equipped with monitors that alert them when when there is an oxygen deficiency, or toxic and explosive gases. Through sustainable development with mining, closed circuit breathing machines were developed so that the miners can breathe clean air in a potentially polluted environment.
Much care is taken to locate mineral sources and extract them with minimal disruption to the environment. When a mine is no longer in service the land is then reclaimed. The land is re-vegetated, and in some ares lakes are formed for recreational use; the new lakes are then stocked with bass, sunfish, bluegill and other kinds of fish. Through efforts related to sustainable development with mining, the land and the ecology is restored. By restoring the land after a mine is no longer in use, the environment is restored; however, preserving the environment is not the only reason—it prevents people from entering the abandoned mine and getting hurt, and since the attacks of 9/11 restoring the environment ensures that the old mine cannot be used as a hiding place for terrorists. Whether a mine is in operation or no longer in use, safety and security are a major concern for everyone.

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