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Jul 21

Thanks to our forefathers in government and the concept of sustainable development, intellectual property has commercial value; laws are in place to protect intellectual property (IP), such as literary or artistic pieces, from being stolen, or used without permission. Because of sustainable development, intellectual property is protected by trademarks, copyrights, and patents. In terms of sustainable development, intellectual property refers to all works of the mind, including literature, music, inventions, images, symbols and logos. These properties, whether tangible or abstract are the intellectual property of the holder. Once registered as a copyright, trademark or patent the holder has exclusive rights to the property.
Inventors are familiar with patents; when they invent a machine or some kind of device, they apply for a patent. The government recognizes that the invention is the physical and intellectual property of the inventor. When a patent is issued, the inventor becomes the patent holder. According to the concept of sustainable development, intellectual property is a viable product to be marketed. Patents are more complex than other forms of IP protection.
When you buy a novel, you are purchasing a story written by the author. The words in the book are the thoughts and ideas of the author, and are protected by a copyright. The publisher of a book (which may or may not be the author) is protected by issuing a special bar code containing an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), which consists of 13 digits. Though the publisher, (if not the author) doesn’t own the property, does have rights for a period of time to own the publishing rights. Because of sustainable development, intellectual property is protected in the US under the authority of the Constitution.
A trademark puts a name to a product. No one else can carry your product name when you have it trademarked. Nike and Coca Cola are trademarks. When you buy a Coke you are buying a product with the trademarked name, and because of that trademark you can be assured you are purchasing a specific Coke product and not some generic product. The name Coca Cola is the intellectual property of the Coca Cola Company. Due to the concept of sustainable development, intellectual property such as Nike, you have confidence in that product. The quality assurance of big names as Nike and Reebok is influenced by sustainable development; intellectual property that cannot be claimed by anyone other than the individual or company that owns the trademarked name.
With sustainable development, intellectual property rights protect such works as photographs, paintings, CDs, DVDs, and movie rights. The holder of the rights has complete control of reproducing these works of art. Sustainable development for intellectual property allows for the producer of these arts to make a living at what they do. The laws governing intellectual property also allows for the rights to be inherited after the owner’s death, so that the next generation can make a living from the same intellectual property.

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