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Jan 21

Although it is a fairly new field, environmental planning and sustainable development is a concept employed in recent years to begin saving the planet from the many effects of global warming. We have to think differently, so that planning and sustainable development can affect the changes necessary to support the environment as well as the economy in the next generation.
Until about a decade ago the nations around the world have used fossil fuels without any thought to what that use is having on the environment; fossil fuels are quickly polluting the earth. Not only is the atmosphere suffering the effects, but the oceans and the weather are affected also. Tsunamis and hurricanes occur destroying everything in their paths. The state of our ecology requires that people in government concerned with environmental planning and sustainable development institute laws to protect the environment.
Planning and sustainable development isn’t just the government’s job to enforce; it is the responsibility of every citizen of every country to do their part to take care of their environment. If everyone would do a little bit, the planning and sustainable development projects would not meet with so much opposition. Slowly people are getting the message that fossil fuels are polluting the earth; every person that changes from fossil fuel to solar energy or some other form of renewable energy is doing his/her part to save the planet.
By instituting planning and sustainable development strategieson a personal level we will cut down on the greenhouse gases that leak into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases can stay in the atmosphere for thousands of years; we can see the effects now with global warming. We must assist the government’s planning and sustainable development programs to prevent further damage to our environment.

Already we can see the effects of global warming. Polar bear populations in the arctic are decreasing in number because their ice mass is losing surface area. Polar bears live on the ice, and their habitat is melting away due to increasing temperatures. As the polar ice caps keep melting the sea level keeps rising. In the past 100 years the sea level has risen up to 10 inches, and in the next 100 years the level is expected to rise up to 3 feet. For every 12 inches that the sea level rises up to 100 feet of shoreline will be lost from the coastal areas.
More evidence of global warming calls for planning and sustainable development measures to continue. Due to global warming insects carrying disease are migrating to the once colder regions of the earth. Mosquitoes and fleas carrying internal vectors are moving into countries that were once too cold for them. Because of global warming diseases like malaria and the bubonic plague are making a new presence in these northern countries. What more evidence do we need to see that planning and sustainable development is necessary for the preservation of our planet for the generations that come after us?

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