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We have a responsibility to embrace the sustainable development of fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas and coal; fossil fuels are responsible for 85 percent of the energy used by the United States and other countries around the world. Our cars run on gasoline or diesel fuel, which comes from a fossil fuel. The problem with fossil fuels is that the byproducts are greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, and other noxious gases which are the main culprits for the earth heating up in global warming. The sustainable development of fossil fuels calls for controlling harmful greenhouse gases rather than eliminating the use of fossil fuels. As of this time, fossil fuels are still the most economical;
though you wouldn’t know it by the price at the gas pumps. Gasoline and diesel fuel are the most efficient forms of energy to power our automobiles. Almost all of our vehicles are dependent on fossil fuels. Due to the sustainable development of fossil fuels some of the newer vehicles are hybrids, meaning they start on gasoline or diesel, but then convert to electrical power. The gasoline engine only kicks in when necessary. Sustainable development of fossil fuels advocates that we use these fuels responsibly.
There is much we, as individuals, can do to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. In the wintertime we can set our thermostats on 65 degrees and dress a little warmer in the house. Most people keep their homes a cozy 75 degrees or higher, which isn’t really healthy because microorganisms are more likely to grow in warmer temperatures and make us sick.
Sustainable development of fossil fuels affects the cost of food items at the grocery store. You can’t help but notice the price of a gallon of milk is higher than a gallon of gasoline. Most of the foods we buy have a higher price tag. We might not even notice that the price of fuel is factored into the high prices, because many of the prices are the same or nearly the same; however, don’t be fooled by that, because in most cases the weight of the item has been reduced to appear the same price as in previous months.
The cost of gasoline is over $4 a gallon. Many people have to choose to put food on the table or buy gasoline. There are measures we can take to practice a little sustainable development of fossil fuels in our own lives. When we put gasoline in our vehicles we can fill them up and then refill the tank when the gage shows that it is half full. By not allowing your gas tank to get down to empty you won’t feel the crunch quite so bad when it is time to fill up again. Another tip for sustainable development of fossil fuels is to pump gas slowly when at the tank. When you pump fast much of the gasoline is turning to a vapor and being sucked back down into the return vent. You want to get the gasoline you paid for, so pump slower. The best time to go to the gas station to fill up is in the morning before the sun has had time to heat up the ground. When the ground heats up the underground storage tank will heat up and then the gasoline becomes less dense, so you get more fuel for your money when the gasoline is cooler and more dense.
We as individuals need to use fossil fuels as responsibly as we can. Once our natural resources are gone, they are gone, and it takes millions of years for the earth to make more. Fossil fuels are not renewable like the sun’s energy; we have to conserve and embrace some of the concepts of sustainable development of fossil fuels.

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