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Apr 20

The goals of sustainable development concerning the world system are to promote freedom of sociopolitical expression, economic freedom, as well as to protect human rights. The Goals also include that the governments are willing to invest in their citizens health, education and welfare. Workers and business people in the urban and rural regions of the world join in a team effort to make a living while preserving economic and environmental resources.
The goals of sustainable development are to preserve raw materials, conserve our natural resources such as water and energy. Learning to be conservative starts at home; we can start by recycling or reusing the items that would be detrimental to the environment. Articles such as plastic bags, plastic bottles do nothing more than clog up the landfills. As an individual, you can help fulfill the goals of sustainable development by separating paper, plastics, aluminum, and glass; these items will be re-manufactured into new products.
In the workplace, the goals of sustainable development are similar; you may be asked to reduce waste in your job. One of the goals of sustainable development is conservation of energy. Everyone can conserve by shutting off lights that are not in use. Tossing out the old incandescent light bulbs and putting in the new energy saving light bulbs saves energy and lasts much longer. Some light bulbs last up to 5 years.
In farming businesses, where our food originates, are reaching goals of sustainable development by changing over from fossil fuels to renewable forms of energy. The approaches the farmers use to achieve the goals of sustainable development may differ from businesses in the urban sector. A cattle farmer may divide his pasture land into subdivisions so that the cows can graze on different sections of the land in a rotation. The advantage to doing this is to manage the integrity of the soil, and the cattle can get adequate food to promote weight gain. To provide shade and cut the wind, farmers sometimes plant trees; this helps the livestock and also prevents lost soil through soil erosion.
In the food farming business, goals are to preserve the integrity of the soil, control or eliminate pests, and produce large crops that produce a good income to take care of their families. Goals of sustainable development are quite broad; one goal is to plant more than one kind of crop. This is called diversification; unlike mono-farming, where the farmer grows one crop, the grower is more likely to make a good profit even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. A farmer that is banking on one crop may lose that crop and lose his income; however, a diversified farmer that grows two or more crops is more likely to have a good yield of at least one of his crops. The goals of sustainable development vary from industry to industry; but in the end the the goals are met to promote socioeconomic growth, while preserving the environment.

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