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Oct 26

In the past industry put economic growth before ecological responsibility; it is every individual’s responsibility to be concerned with the condition of the environment. Ecologically sustainable development allows for efficiency and making profits without wasting the earth’s natural resources. Thanks to an awareness of ecologically sustainable development, companies have found ways to manufacture products, without harming the environment. Because of ecologically sustainable development more companies are going green to preserve the earth for generations to come.
Recycling plastic bottles, and paper products go into making more of the same. Recently the clothing industry has applied ecologically sustainable development by manufacturing clothing from recycled plastics. Many of the fabrics we wear are made from polyester, which is nothing more than plastic that has been spun into fibers. The fabric making industry has employed ecologically sustainable development to produce goods, make profits, and diverted tons of plastic bottles from being buried in landfills around the world.
Grocery stores have employed ecologically sustainable development by offering reusable shopping bags that you can purchase and bring with you each time you shop to cut down on the amount of plastic bags that will end up clogging the landfills. The plastic bags are now being recycled also to be manufactured into fabrics. Everyone that shops can do their part to save the environment by using reusable fabric bags or by recycling plastic bags. Most grocery stores have a receptacle to deposit plastic bags to be recycled.
Companies that manufacture products from recycled paper save trees from being cut down, cuts down on air pollution, and diverts tons of used paper from landfills. Normally paper that has not been recycled is made by treating wood chips with heat and pressure and toxic chemicals. The wood chips are pressed into paper, and toxic chemicals are wasted into the rivers. The chemicals that are emitted from heating the wood chips are released into the atmosphere from tall smoke stacks. Paper making companies are employing ecologically sustainable development by milling recycled paper, rather than making paper from scratch. If not for recycled paper products the earth would be one big landfill by now.
Ecologically sustainable development is everyone’s job. We can all do our part. Recycle plastics according to their codes. Every soda bottle has a code. Some plastics aren’t recyclable, but most are. Explain to everyone in your family how to recycle their paper and plastics. Set up one container for newspapers and magazines, another container for plastics, another container for aluminum and another for glass. Most cities and towns have recycling trucks that come around to pick up the recycled waste products, so they won’t end up in the landfills. Together we all can make a difference to preserve the earth for the next generation.

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