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Aug 1

Outdoors lovers can go green in a big way without having to give up on the creature comforts of home. Thanks to portable solar power devices, the gadgets and gizmos that make camping a little more “civilized” can be used without having to rely on fossil fuels along the way.
Portable solar power devices for camping or even home use are really starting to take off in regard to variety. These devices can differ a bit in how they work, but most operate using either single solar cell technology or small module systems that drive batteries to provide energy to the devices. Some of the options that outdoors enthusiasts can now take into the woods without having to bring propane, replaceable batteries or even charcoal along to power them include:
• Watches – Although becoming quite in style for everyday use, wristwatches for campers, hikers and athletes that are powered by the sun are becoming quite popular. These portable solar power devices soak up the sun’s rays during the day to charge batteries that enable their use around the clock. In a similar vein, many campers are also discovering solar powered alarm clocks for helping them get up on time while they are miles from home.
• Radios – Portable solar power radio/flashlight combinations are becoming very popular for camping and even emergency use. In some cases, these radios are designed to capture emergency broadcast signals, but others will receive an array of AM or FM channels.
• Lanterns – Solar powered lanterns are perfect for camping use. Rather than having to worry about batteries going dead, campers can charge these devices all day long and use them at night.
• Cook stoves and grills – Solar powered cooking equipment is widely used for camping and other applications. This type of equipment might range from devices made to work only during the day, such as solar barbecue grills, to those that soak up rays during the daylight hours for charging batteries that allow cooking at night.
• GPS systems – These little devices are often a camper’s best friend whether they are solar powered or not. The solar powered systems operate much like watches as far as energy gathering is concerned.
• Cell phone battery chargers – Solar powered battery chargers are now designed to make sure cell phones have power no matter where a person happens to be. This can be an important tool for campers to have along in case of an emergency.
Portable solar power devices are changing the face of camping. It is now possible to get back to nature and still enjoy the comforts of home. The best part is these devices still enable campers to go green in the process.

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