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?Are There Disadvantages Of Solar Energy?

Posted by on Sep 12th, 2009
Sep 12

It seems like solar energy is ideal; could there be disadvantages of solar energy? For many people, solar energy is a step in the right direction. It is a step far from the abuses of natural resources and the complexities of protecting the environment. In most cases, solar energy is a clean fuel, doing no damage to the environment around it through pollution. It is readily available since the sun is a strong source of power for the entire planet. But, could there still be disadvantages of solar energy? For some, in some situations, there are.

Here is a list of some of the disadvantages of solar energy. As you can see, some of them are less important than others. Yet, before you start buying solar power devices, be sure you fully understand the disadvantages of solar energy as well.

• One of the largest problems with solar energy is the investment that has to be made up front. Installing a solar energy system in a home can be expensive and it can be time consuming. It is often less of an investment if you are building a new home, though. You will still need semi conducting materials in your home, which requires an investment into the system.
• The environment can get in the way. While most solar devices are able to collect solar power from the sun even on bad days, the clouds and poor weather can still limit the amount of solar power that is recovered to be used. Pollution in the air, in some cities where smog is a problem especially, there is also a risk that solar energy can’t be used readily.
• For solar power to work to power large sized buildings or to provide a large amount of solar power, you will need a large expansive area for solar panels or collectors to be placed. They need to be located in an open area, where they can easily grab at the sun’s rays and store them.

Remember that these disadvantages of solar energy are just the start of what is happening. The fact is, solar power has a lot of advantages to consider. For example, you will find that solar power is clean and doesn’t pollute the air. It does not require intense mining or drilling which destroys entire ecosystems in the environment. It also is readily available.

While looking at these disadvantages of solar energy, it is important to note that solar power is a new technology, being developed and improved throughout time. Therefore, many of these problems will be minimized over time.

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