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?The Impact Of Renewable Energy

Posted by on Apr 3rd, 2009
Apr 3

What is the impact of renewable energy on the current supplies of oil, natural gas and coal? This is one of the concerns that many people have. When researchers developed ways to harness renewable energy, such as wind power, solar power, waterpower and biomass, they looked for ways to offset the demand for other natural resources including fossil fuels. There is a lot of speculation about what types of fuels are available and in one number they are available. For example, is there enough coal to last hundreds of years? Understanding the impact renewable energy will have on other fossil fuels is essential.

Will Renewable Energy Stop The Use Of Other Fuels?

Let’s say that a home is converted to solar power where in the solar power is collected from solar panels or collectors located in the roof. A small amount of energy is required to make this process happen. Once it does happen, the stored solar power in those cells can be used to do virtually everything in the home that you are using other energy sources for, including heating the home, heating water, turning on lights and using appliances. Some applications may even help you drive your car. So, what is the impact renewable energy will make in this situation? The homeowner will save 50 to 85 percent on fuel costs and after the initial cost of installing a solar system in the home is paid for, those costs will further be reduced over time.

Does this mean that the impact of renewable energy will be that these other forms of energy will not be used at all? Most scientists believe that over a longer period of time, fossil fuel based energy will be phased out, if for no other reason than it simply will not be available in the long term. Therefore, natural sources of energy will need to be found that will be able to fill in the gap. The impact renewable energy will have today is to spur this type of improvement faster.

Another way that the impact renewable energy will have will affect people is in the environment itself. By storing energy and using these renewable forms, there is less reason for drilling and mining and fewer pollutants will enter the air. The environment as a whole will be positively impacted by the renewable energy use. In many ways, this is a reason itself to convert to cleaner methods of producing energy. Many people are finding a wide range of resources available to them to take advantage of, and renewable energy is at the forefront.

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