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Aug 22

Renewable and nonrenewable energy, what is the difference? Energy can be found in many different things and used for almost everything from cooking to sending men into space. There is a big difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy.

Renewable energy is an energy sources that cannot be used up such as the wind, sun and water. Therefore, solar energy which is created by the sun’s rays is a renewable energy source that can be turned into electricity. The energy created by the waves of the oceans can be turned into electricity. So can biomass that comes from plant life and geothermal energy that is generated from inside the earth.

Nonrenewable energy are the ones that are used the most to create electricity. These include natural gas, oil, propane and coal. These are called fossil fuels and they started forming from the very beginning of the planets existence. They took billions of years to form and they are being used up in an alarming rate. These energy sources all come from within the ground and appear as gasses, solids, liquids and uranium.

This is why they are called nonrenewable, they cannot replenish themselves. When they run out, they are gone. It will take millions of years for the earth to replenish these resources and that is assuming that the right conditions are available to even recreate them. This means that if new and better ways of using renewable energy is not found, there will be nothing left for the generations to come.

 As you can see there is a big difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy. The world needs to harness and store the energy produced by renewable energy to prevent depleting the planet of all its nonrenewable energy. This is the only chance that the future generations have of continuing the way of life that is now enjoyed by mankind.

Renewable and nonrenewable energy both is important to the future of the planet and to the generations to come. The more studies that are done to help harness the power of renewable energy the better it will be for everyone. Renewable and nonrenewable energy sources are on the minds of everyone. Scientists are spending countless hours trying to figure out new and better ways to ensure the future of the planet.

It is a serious problem that needs to be addressed and more people are becoming aware of the urgent need to conserve energy as much as possible. For now, both renewable and nonrenewable energy can be used together to help slow down the depletion of the earth’s natural resources. One day renewable energy may be the main source of energy used in the world.

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