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Dec 17

The recycling symbol is a universal symbol that provides the message to consumers that a particular package or item is one that can be recycled. As we are becoming more aware of limited resources, overloaded landfills, and global warming we are beginning to make efforts to control our own individual impact on the environment. The recycling symbol is one tool that assists us in our efforts.

There are variations around the world of the recycling symbol but in general they are similar enough that there is no mistaking the meaning of the symbols. If you aren’t sure what the recycling symbol looks like, in general it 3 arrows that point to the other in the formation of a triangular loop that has no beginning or end.

What Does the Recycling Symbol Mean for You?

The meaning for you personally is going to be different for every person that recognizes the recycling symbol. The hope is that you will decide to make efforts to recycle the product after seeing the symbol on the packaging for boxes, sodas, milk, cans, glass products, and an endless supply of other items that can be recycled. The goal is that everyone will feel an urge to recycle the items that can be recycled leaving landfills a little less overburdened.

Why Should You Head The Recycling Symbol?

There are quite a few reasons that it is a good idea to recycle. Not all of them are financial though some recycling centers offer cash incentives to those who recycle. The population of the earth is growing at an alarming rate. If we do not make some efforts to reuses some of our resources it is quite likely that we will run out of resources sooner rather than later. Recognizing the recycling symbol on products and taking action is one of many ways that we can limit the impact that we have on using up those limited and valuable resources.

Who Benefits From the Recycling Symbol?

The long and short answer is everyone. Even those who do not recycle will benefit from the efforts of those who do. We may not see the results of those efforts tomorrow or ten years from now but one day in the future our children or grandchildren will benefit from the efforts of the dedicated few today.

The more people that join in on the recycling effort by paying attention to each and every recycling symbol they come across the longer it may be before these valuable resources run out. Perhaps they will never know that their benefit is the result of your efforts today but you will and that alone should make those efforts worthwhile.

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