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?Metal Recycling from Home

Posted by on Apr 19th, 2009
Apr 19

Metal recycling is a crucial aspect of our efforts to clean the environment. Many consumers turn to scrapping metal as a way to make a few extra dollars. They are also driven by the desire to help lessen the number of waste products that wind up in landfills.

Two basic types of metal are typically sent to the metal recycling center. Ferrous metals are magnetic and they contain iron. Non-ferrous metals contain no iron and they have no magnetic pull.

Consumers can find ferrous metals in objects like refrigerators, washers and driers. Construction sites may have scrap steel beams. Railroad tracks are made of ferrous metals and various containers contain this material as well.

Non-ferrous metals consist of a vast variety. The most popular of the lot is most likely aluminum. This metal recycling material can be used repeatedly without losing its value or composition. This is a prime choice for soda cans and countless other items.

Other non-ferrous metals include nickel and titanium. Zinc and cobalt fall into this category as well. Precious metals are pure, non-ferrous but they are not typically sent to the metal recycling facility.

If you want to make money by recycling metal, you can opt to collect a lot of aluminum cans. You can also opt to choose metals that have greater value. These materials will yield more money per pound and they usually take up less volume.

Non-ferrous metals tend to be worth more at a metal recycling plant. You can expect a nice return for your old washing machine and if you have a spare steel beam, you might as well make some money by recycling it. However, these items will yield less money per pound.

The ferrous metals tend to corrode easier than the non-ferrous sort does. Metal recycling facilities recognize that the pure metals are easier and cleaner to recycle. They are willing to pay a little more for them.

Copper is a material that gets a significant return. This material is used in many forms ranging from utilitarian items like copper plumbing to decorative works of art. Copper is in great demand and it is a wonderful choice if you are in the business of scrap metal recycling.

Home and Factory

Some material is known as “home scrap”. Ironically, this type of scrap material does not come from a home. This material is a byproduct made at a refinery. Home scrap is recycled right on site.
When you think about metal recycling from home, you can include the factory in your mental image. Scrapping is a wonderful approach to keeping the environment clean and it is a great resource for many companies.

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