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?How Auto Recycling Can Save The Planet

Posted by on Apr 7th, 2009
Apr 7

Did you know that you can save the planet one vehicle at a time through auto recycling? Small but consistent efforts like this can make a world of difference when it comes to saving the planet. Whether you realize it or not, all efforts that are made towards the goal of reducing waste, recycling materials, and reusing what can be salvaged are worthy efforts at prolonging the sustainability of Earth. Auto recycling does all of these things to some degree.

How do You Reuse With Auto Recycling?

Auto recycling basically salvages the usable parts from automobiles that have been wrecked or totaled beyond the point of being usable as a whole vehicle again. The thing is that there are many parts left behind that are perfectly usable. When you reuse these parts by placing them in another car they are not filling up a landfill, and they are not requiring more of our precious resources to create for someone else. It’s a win-win situation and part of the beauty of auto recycling.

How Does Auto Recycling Reduce Waste?

Every item in a vehicle has mass. The greater the mass, the smaller you can break down the total waste. When you remove parts for the purpose of reusing them or recycling them you are effectively reducing the materials from the cars that will ultimately fill the local landfill. Landfills become home to the materials that are not recycled or recyclable. Auto recycling reduces the total mass of the automobiles (perhaps you’ve seen the car crushing devices used in movies) as much as possible by removing as many of the interior components that can be repaired, recycled, or salvages, and then crushing what is left to the smallest possible mass, effectively reducing the total amount of waste.

What Can Be Recycled With Auto Recycling?

There are a surprising number of things that can be recycled through auto recycling. Car stereos are often undamaged and perfectly recyclable. But beneath the hood, depending on the scope of the damage to the vehicle, there are many parts that can be removed, rebuilt or restored, and resold to people needing car repairs on similar makes and models for a lower price than purchasing a new part would cost. This saves money for the consumer, reuses an auto part that would otherwise occupy a landfill somewhere, and it prevents new materials from being dedicated for the purpose of creating a new car part. Everyone wins in this situation and the planet wins biggest.

If you have a car that is well past its prime or has been totaled in an auto accident or you are in need of car parts for repairs on your own vehicle, consider auto recycling for the sake of the planet.

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