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?The Beauty of Nature Photography

Posted by on Dec 1st, 2009
Dec 1

One of the best ways to appreciate the many different aspects of nature’s beauty is through nature photography. Talented amateur and professional photographers seek to bring their subject to life for the viewer with their nature photography. This article will focus on the style of two very different photographers, Ansel Adams and Frans Lanting.
Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams had a productive and influential 60 year career in nature photography. Adams specialized in black and white photographs. His subjects included close ups, still lifes and, perhaps his most famous landscape subjects. Some of his famous nature photography includes:
• Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico: This black and white photo is of the moon rising over a village with snow covered mountains in the background.
• A series in U.S. National Parks: Adams was the first nature photographer to photograph in all of the U.S. National Parks. His works included photographs of Old Faithful Geyser, Grand Teton and Mount McKinley.
It is also important to note that Adams was a skilled writer. He used his writing and his considerable influence to further the cause of environmentalism.
Frans Lanting
Fran Lanting is another talented individual in the field of nature photography. He is considered one of the best nature photographers of our time. Much of his work focuses on wild life across the globe. He advocates for preservation of nature and protection of different species through his remarkable work.
His work is often presented in some of the world’s leading magazines such as National Geographic. Some of his contributions include:
• National Geographic April 2008: Lanting contributed a piece, complete with groundbreaking research, on chimpanzees in Senegal.
• National Geographic February 1999: This issue focused on Lanting’s year long project to capture earth’s biodiversity at the end of one millennium and the beginning of another.
One of Lanting’s greatest accomplishments as an expert in nature photography is the LIFE project. LIFE is a multimedia production about the history of life on Earth.
No two nature photographers have exactly the same style. Nor do they capture the same images. That is to the benefit of people who enjoy nature photography. This earth has so many different breathtaking landscapes and awe inspiring animals that it would be impossible to see them all in one lifetime. Nature photographers allow us to glimpse a piece of the earth or an animal that we would not otherwise see. Photographers such as Adams and Lanting allow us to marvel at the beauty of their art and learn about different places because of their remarkable skill in nature photography.

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