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?Living Nature and Inanimate Objects

Posted by on Mar 6th, 2009
Mar 6

Life surrounds us all the time. Our natural settings function to live, grow and reproduce. We commonly think of animals, fish and birds when we think of living nature. However, life is found in inanimate things as well.

Following are some examples of living nature that may be difficult to spot. When you consider these various things, think about how they function and how important they really are.


Nearly everyone knows that plants are living things. However, do we really recognize this on a regular basis? Nearly every aspect of our existence has some element of life. This includes those that do not seem to move.

Plant life does move. Plants grow. They change color. They feed on nutrients in the earth. They drink water. This form of living nature is very active in the fundamental process of existing.

Recognizing plant life as living nature is a first step in taking care of their environments. Plants need nutrition. In order to assure that they are well fed, people can take time to look at the environment that feeds them.

Soil and Water

Living nature is dependant on elements in their environments. These elements include soil and water. Water is a life-sustaining liquid that serves to hydrate plant life. Soil provides a place for many forms of plant life to live. It also provides nutrients as well.

People can help plants thrive by taking some simple steps. Rotating crops helps to keep soil from losing important minerals and nutrients. Proper fertilization and compost can work wonders for plants growing in soil.

Water is crucial to sustaining living nature. Plants are reliant on this liquid to help them thrive. Even the cactus requires some water to live.

Remember that dirt and water contain living organisms. These creatures serve a purpose. They help break down dead material and they serve to regenerate their environments.

Inanimate Objects

Inanimate objects are part of living nature. Papers, wooden tables and even plastic bottles cannot be created without the help of living things. Each item that exists requires help from a living organism in order to come into existence.
Inanimate items are an integral part of the natural world. They house fascinating organisms. They work to sustain the life around them in many cases. Man living organisms depend on these items to exist.

The next time you hold an inanimate object in your hands, consider how it was made. Be conscious of the dynamic interactions that living nature presents. Chances are you will begin to see the life in the world around you.

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