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?What is the Green Power Switch

Posted by on Oct 5th, 2008
Oct 5

What is the green power switch? The demand for renewable energy is growing as more people become aware of the environmental damage caused by the use of fossil fuels in the making of electricity. The people demand a choice. What is the green power switch? The switch is changing from conventional electrical power to a clean source of energy that causes little or no impact to the environment, which includes solar, wind, and methane gas. What is the green power switch to solar energy? Switching to solar energy provides about 50 kilowatts of power, which is generated by photovoltaic (PV) cells that creates a system that turns sunlight into electrical power.

What is the green power switch to alternating current? When you switch to solar energy the sun’s rays hit the PV cells and is converted into direct current electricity. Direct current (DC) is the same kind of current in your flashlight batteries; your home cannot use DC, but alternating current (AC). Solar energy systems come with an inverter that changes DC current into AC current. What is the green power switch to kilowatt hours? A solar system can generate 50 kilowatts of power, and over the course of a year that power accumulates to more than 16,500 kilowatt-hours, which is much more than the household needs to operate. The excess power can be sold to the local power company.

What is the green power switch to wind power? Wind power is clean energy with no pollution released into the environment. Wind turbines are strategically placed to get the full advantage of the air currents. Tennessee and many other states to the south and west are harnessing the wind to generate electricity.

What is the green power switch capacity related to wind power? The new wind turbines that were added in the Tennessee Valley produce about 29 megawatts of power, which is enough to power almost 4,000 homes. Each wind turbine generates 1.8 megawatts of power each. These turbines stand 260 feet tall and the blades are 135 feet long. The old turbines were only 213 feet high with blades 75 feet long. The old turbines generated only 660 kilowatts of power. All this power is bought up by consumers in blocks of 150-kilowatt blocks.

What is the green power switch to methane? Electrical energy from methane is often produced by the biogas produced at landfills. Many wastewater treatment plants cover their reservoirs to capture the methane as waste breaks down and decays. Since methane would be released into the atmosphere, covering the reservoir keeps the greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. The methane is used to generate electricity; it is burned, and when it burns the pressure fuels the turbines that generate electrical energy.

What is the green power switch to clean energy? Whether you have solar panels, or you power your home with a wind turbine, or you buy your clean energy from the power company, you are saving huge amounts of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere when you make the switch to green energy.

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