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Posted by on Feb 22nd, 2009
Feb 22

Green power funding comes from a variety of places, but a good portion comes from grants. The states’ Department of Environmental Protection offer grants to develop technologies to produce renewable energy, such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydroelectric. Renewable energy technology grants help to generate the green energy movement by paying for the turbines that generate electricity.

Green power funding pays for many of the large wind turbines. Farm land is often used to generate electricity. The presence of windmills or wind turbines won’t harm crops, nor will they bother livestock. The land can support many turbines. Green power funding is also paying for cow power; the cow waste is used to generate electricity. A farm in Rutland, Vermont received $666,000 from the Central Vermont Public Service Renewable Development Fund, which helped to offset the cost of building a farm-based power station. Grants and other forms of green power funding will help the participating states develop thousands of megawatt-hours of sustainable energy each month.

Green power funding is similar throughout the world. In the United Kingdom green power funding comes from the European Union and government grants. Because of global warming, power companies are willing and eager to offer electricity powered from the wind and other sources. People who purchase green power from a power company must pay extra for it. Power made from the wind doesn’t cost anything to make, and there are no harmful gas emissions associated with wind power.

Though the electricity developed from the wind is cheap to make, the turbines that generate the electricity are not cheap. Green power funding pays for part of cost, but not all of it. Some green power funding comes from the interested investors, and the wind farmer must also invest money into creating an alternative source of energy. Whether the farmer has wind turbines or turbines generated by cow power, these machines cost a fortune to build. Most people interested in going into the green power business have to have some kind of green power funding to help them achieve their goals of providing sustainable energy to make a living.

When you go green and purchase power developed from renewable energy, the premium that you pay per month helps to promote more green power funding to help other people build alternative power plants on their land. Several states mandate that a certain percentage of power offered by the power companies must come from renewable sources. Much of the world is decreasing their dependence on fossil fuel to generate electricity, and now much of the United States is doing the same thing. People interested in protecting the environment don’t mind paying a few extra dollars a month on their power bills, when that money is used to promote more green power funding.

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