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?Do-It-Yourself with Green Power Miter Saws

Posted by on Aug 6th, 2009
Aug 6

The Green Power miter saws are some of the most versatile compound miter saws on the market. The saw has a 1800 watt double insulated motor that can turn the saw blade at 4500 RPMs. The double insulation of the motor prevents the user from getting an electrical shock.

No do-it-yourselfer, or home builder should be without the Green Power miter saws. The Green Power miter saws are easy to pivot to make angular cuts. It doesn’t matter if you are working on simple projects or installing crown molding; the Green Power miter saws make the perfect cuts, and makes you look like an expert. It can be a bit difficult to cut crown molding and get it right, but the Green Power miter saws make it look easy.

Cut like an expert, even if it is your very first time; the laser guide will show you the path in which you need to cut. Make your cuts with precision, because the Green Power miter saws are ergonomically designed for easy handling; start your cut with just a touch a finger on the trigger. The 10 inch carbide blade is mounted on a radial arm that allows for 90-degree cross cutting.

The Green Power miter saws are designed to cut wood, but it can also cut some types of metal and plastic. The blade can swing to the right or left, which is; the blade can also tilt to almost any angle on one side or the other, which is helpful when you need to make different angled cuts on the same piece of wood. When deciding on a Green Power miter saws, the size of the blade is relevant to the size of boards you want to cut.

The Green Power miter saws have electric brakes; the blade stops quickly when the saw is powered off. The flow of electricity in Green Power miter saws reverses, causing an abrupt stop within a second or two.

The saw is rugged and not heavy at all because it is constructed of heavy duty aluminum. The novice do-it-yourselfer can start on easy projects and work up to the more complicated ones, such as the crown molding. The saw is easy to use and haves 9 positive miter stops for making cut stops on the right or left. The stops are handy when you need to know where to stop cutting the change the angle of the blade. You can purchase the Green Power miter saws online at,, and Prices range from $156.99 to $299.99. For more information about where the saws are sold enter the name Green Power miter saws into your search engine.

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