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?Our Environment: Is There Really A Problem?

Posted by on Feb 28th, 2009
Feb 28

Our environment is a fragile ecosystem. Everything around it affects everything else. Man, in all of his infinite wisdom has helped to develop the world into a wonderful place to live. And, yet, at the same time, has caused many problems and destroyed much of what was once considered perfect. Understanding the real problems with our environment can help you to see the real decisions you have to make. For most people, making these changes is simple and it can change the outlook of the earth for our future descendents.

What’s The Current State?

Will the Earth explode because of the pollution and waste in it? By all accounts, the answer to this is no. Yet, for many people, the realization is that our environment is impacted in negative ways on a large scale. Here are some ways that there are environmental problems happening.

• The environment is continuously effected by pollution. Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and ground pollution are just some of the many ways that man is causing the Earth’s environment to change, for the worst. Not only do these areas of pollution harm the plant, but also they all lead to potentially devastating effects on each person’s health.
• The environment is facing a loss of resources. One of the most commonly known problems is the amount of crude oil available. While there is no shortage right now, prices are on the rise because there is a limited amount of crude oil available in the world and once it runs out, it is gone. It takes thousands of years for the Earth to product crude oil naturally. Our environment is negatively affected because of the loss of these valuable resources.
• The environment is changing due to rising temperatures. While some believe this is natural and cyclical, others believe that it is due to the effect of humans on the environment. In either case, it too is leading to potentially devastating consequences including threatening wildlife and polar ice caps.

Look at our environment from a very local area. Are there negative effects? Do you face smog every day as you drive into the city, as well as crowded roads and littering people? Do you find yourself unwilling to send your kids to the local parks because of the trash, graffiti and people there? Do you find yourself unable to go to sleep at night because of the noise?

As you can see, our environment is being effected on a daily basis. Animals, the Earth and each person living here are facing immense problems on a grand scale.

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