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Mar 14

A living environment needs to be a healthy place for everyone that is living there. When there is pollution, litter, or other wastes of the environment, it affects everyone. Consider your current living environment. In which ways is it suffering? More than likely, there are many ways your local environment is being negatively impacted by these problems. Is there litter? Is there waste? Is the air being polluted from nearby factories? Are people recycling? These are all problems. Yet, the question is, how can they be improved?

Look For Solutions

The living environment you have needs to be improved. But, how do you make it happen? Here are some ideas that could help you.

Air Pollution: Air pollution can lead to toxins entering your body and later in life; it may lead to cancers or other illnesses. This is a living condition that you cannot live with. How do you improve it? A good route to take is to find solutions from government officials, especially when the problems are large scale. Call on the Environmental Protection Agency to offer help in inspecting the air contaminants coming from local industries. This is the best way to get results since laws are in place limiting such pollutions.

Litter: Litter has a very negative impact on life. If you live in an area that is simply littered with items, then you know that there is just too much risk to run out into the grass. What can be done to improve this situation? Work on developing a community group that will work to clean up areas like parks and lawns to help improve the current condition. Then, work with city officials to find ways to enforce laws regarding littering. A neighborhood watch is an effective way of seeing improvements here.

Environment Protection: You may be in an area where there simply is not enough recycling and care about the long term effects of natural resources being used heavily. Recycling efforts can actually be profitable. The money earned through recycling programs can be put into educating the community about other responsible environmental protection. This may include using the bus or walking more than using a car to get around. It may include helping people cut down on the amount of rubbish they have each week. It could be an effort to help improve the quality of life and living environment by adding trees.

The living environment you have is a direct reflection on the neighborhoods willingness to care about the environment. Working together though, nearly any poor living environment can be improved and make to be a healthy, happy place to live.

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