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Jan 29

Human environment interaction has been happening since humans walked the Earth. Everything that you, your ancestors and your descendents will do will affect the environment in some way, shape or form. There are scientists and researchers who perform countless studies to improve this relationship so that everyone, including future generations can live in the type of lifestyle that is suitable for them. By understanding the human environment interaction, they can improve the effect that these situations have on humans everywhere.

Both the positive and the negative effects of the human environment interaction are studied, in the hopes of understanding the real effect. The goal is to understand all aspects of this interaction, both positive and the negative that people have on the surroundings they have. For example, if a human act takes place, what will be the results to the rest of the world or the area because of that act?

A good example of this is a dam. If humans to better serve their needs build a dam, what will happen to the rest of the area? This often means that humans will benefit from better irrigation and less chance of flooding. At the same time, it may hurt animals living below this level and it could harm the natural scenery of the area. For example, when the Hoover Dam was created on the Colorado River, there was a significant amount of consideration done to weigh both the positive and the negative actions of the human environment interaction. In this case, the situation looked beneficial. While it did change the natural landscape of the area, it also created a means for creating both water and electric power for this area of the country.

Teaching Kids About Their Impact

It is often important to teach children the human environment interaction. Even children have an impact on the Earth surrounding them. There are many ways to teach this topic. Some areas to talk about include the impact of driving vehicles, the way that trash is disposed of, the effect of using/wasting water, and how smoking a cigarette can affect the environment. Each of these areas is a significant change that will affect the landscape around them. Children should understand this difference and they should understand the ways that they can make wise decisions to avoid future problems.

Understanding the human environment impact is a necessary lesson to learn. Even adults and those who do not believe that the environment is important will need to understand how what they do affects everything around them, especially the environment.

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