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Oct 11

A look at the environment of Canada will show you a beautiful landscape. With beautiful rolling mountains, amazing forests and crisp streams really help bring the nature back to North America. Unfortunately, there are plenty of concerns facing such a natural wonderland. Much like in the United States, there are risks to the environment. Wildlife is threatened. Canada is also home to some of the largest oil sands in the world as well, capable of producing nearly (or some believe more) oil than that under Saudi Arabia.

The good news is that there is a large preservation effort happening for the environment in Canada.

• The government has recently begun to take conservation actions in an area of British Columbia that is five times larger than Vancouver.
• The government passed recent legislation that will help put in place some 42 new officers whose job it will be to uphold and enforce environmental concerns in the country.
• Lake Simcoe, a large and beautiful lake of yesteryear, is undergoing a sizable clean up to help improve and restore the lake from its current condition into what it once was. It is part of the process of getting Canada’s water back to a clean state.
• In June of 2008, the government launched a new program called Credit for Early Action Program, which hopes to provide additional protection for the environment.

The environment, Canada residents know, is the lifeblood of many. Many people work in the natural areas of fishing, oil production, forestry and other similar industries where the environment plays a key role.

Environment Canada: A Look At The Program

The Environment Canada Department posted on its website the latest Sustainable Development Strategy it has in place for the coming years. The goal of this department is to focus on improving the environment through several ways. The focus is narrowed to two aspects including strengthening the capacity to make the right decisions and to provide information, programs and services that help Canadians to make the right decisions about their environment.

As you consider your role in environmental protection of Canada’s beautiful landscape, it pays to understand the options you have under this Department and others. Find out what they are doing to protect your planet and therefore what you can do as well. Working together with the help of professionals from the environmental protection department can help improve and strengthen all that is done for the environment. A wide range of programs is in place but they all take a cooperative effort to make happen successfully.

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