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Dec 3

Indoor air quality may not be something that you think about often. For people with allergies or respiratory problems, though, indoor air quality is a very important thing. There is a link between indoor air quality and energy efficiency that can help people who need clean indoor air to breath better in their own home.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality

People with allergies or respiratory problems struggle to breathe in bad air conditions. On days when the air outside is very polluted and warnings are issued these people stay inside because going outside could be harmful to them or even fatal. They must have clean indoor air in order to simple be able to breath.

This is something that your average person takes for granted, but for those people with problems it is a serious issue. Having clean indoor air can be a struggle. Outside air leaking in can spell trouble. They have to be able to make sure their indoor air quality is at a high level. This is where indoor air quality and energy efficiency some together to help out.

How Energy Efficiency Helps

The link between indoor air quality and energy efficiency is important. Energy efficiency involves sealing off door and windows to make the home virtually free of drafts or air leakage from the outside. An energy efficient home will have far less outside pollution coming in than a home that is not brought to energy efficiency standards.

This can greatly help people who have problems. The polluting air is kept outside and the air quality inside the home is at a very high quality level.

Additionally, appliances that are energy efficient will release less toxins into the air which another contributor to bad indoor air quality. Using energy efficient appliances helps the indoor air quality even more.

Making an Energy Efficient Home

If you need to make your indoor air quality better through energy efficiency here are some things you can do:

– Seal all doors and windows. Look for light coming in and seal those crack and gaps.
– Buy energy efficient appliances. Especially air conditioners which have the energy star logo as these will help filter air before it comes into the house.
– Have your home checked through free services. In many areas energy companies offer free testing of homes to help pinpoint areas that need repaired or to find areas where energy efficiency could help.

Indoor air quality and energy efficiency go hand in hand to help make sure that the air in your home is clean and free form pollutants. For those with breathing problems this could be the answer to air quality problems. Energy efficiency could be the solution you need to breathe better in your own home.

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