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?Solar Energy Efficiency by State Production

Posted by on Sep 27th, 2008
Sep 27

Solar energy is a very appealing alternative energy source for many reasons. It is also a very efficient energy source. Solar energy efficiency by state is very well the basis of the future of energy in this country. It is just an option among many, but it is one of the more promising energy efficient ideas.

Definition of Solar Energy

Solar energy is simply energy from the sun. Solar energy has one major perk over any other energy – it is free. To actually get the energy, though, costs money. It requires special cells that soak up the sun’s energy and store it for use. Then it must be converted into usable energy.

Solar energy is renewable and it is easy to get. Advances in solar energy are moving it quickly to the forefront of alternative energy sources. New equipment has been developed that allow for energy to be stored for use when the sun is not even out.

In the past solar energy was considered unreliable. It was hard to harness the energy and there was doubt that it could work as a major energy source. Today those doubts have been wiped away as technology has developed that has made solar energy a very real contender in the energy market.

Solar America Initiative

The Solar America Initiative or SAI was created to help accelerate the development of solar energy by state. The SAI operates in conjunction with the United States Department of Energy and with various industries, universities and government agencies. The main goal of the SAI is to lower the cost of solar energy by state and make it available on a large scale.

Through the SAI many states across the country are joining in on the move to solar energy. Some places such as New York City, An Arbor, Salt Lake City and San Diego have joined the SAI in working to build the solar energy market.

It is only through cooperation at the state level that the SAI can reach their goals and help bring solar energy by state to the people at an affordable and useable rate.

Future Solar Energy Market

The future of solar energy by state is actually looking pretty bright. The SAI has been a driving force in implementing solar energy by state on a large scale. It is expected that by the year 2015 solar energy will be available on a large scale. It should be affordable and a real alternative energy source available to the masses. As work continues solar energy becomes more and more the energy source of the future.

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