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Sep 28

Energy efficiency is something that is gaining a lot of attention. The concern over how we have lived and how wasteful we have been with energy is now coming to the forefront because it is a major issue we can no longer ignore. Energy supplies are dwindling and pollution is at an all time high. Not to mention the cost of energy is going nowhere but up. All of these factors make energy efficiency something that we have to focus on today.

What is the Consortium of Energy Efficiency

The Consortium of Energy Efficiency is a not for profit corporation founded in 1991. The CEE works to promote manufacturing and purchasing of energy efficient products. The main goal of the CEE is to make energy efficiency the norm in the marketplace.

Through creating initiatives the Consortium of Energy Efficiency helps to encourage companies and consumers to manufacturer and buy energy efficient products. The CEE operates throughout the United States and Canada.

Members of the Consortium of Energy Efficiency include a range of different people and businesses. There are utility representatives, administrators for state and regional markets, environmental groups. Research groups and even energy offices from the state and government in the United States and Canada. The United States Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency also works with the CEE and provides some funding to the corporation.

Initiatives of the Consortium of Energy Efficiency

As mentioned it is through initiatives that the CEE helps to promote energy efficiency. Here are examples of past CEE initiatives:

From 2006 – Commercial Kitchens Initiative – Defined energy efficiency of high performing commercial kitchen equipment in a convenient package that would be handed out to potential customers.
From 2004 – National Municipal Water and Wastewater Facility Initiative – Focused on promoting energy efficiency in public held utilities.
From 1998 – High Efficiency Gas Heating Initiative – Promoting the use and installation of high efficiency gas furnaces and boilers.
From 1997 – Super Efficient Home Appliances – Directed towards educating consumers about the benefits of high efficiency appliances.

Other Services of the Consortium of Energy Efficiency

The CEE also helps to further the advancement of energy efficiency though doing research and evaluations. The CEE helps bring together research efforts and keep them organized. Market research and other evaluations are also done by the CEE.

The Consortium of Energy Efficiency is working hard through many joint ventures to try and make energy efficiency something that comes natural to the people of the United States and Canada. Through the many efforts and members the CEE is able to keep spreading the word about energy efficiency and encourage people and businesses to start living a more energy efficient lifestyle or conducting energy efficient operations.

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