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Aug 28

There are many ways to explain the energy efficiency definition. It is basically finding ways to use less energy without sacrificing quality in the process. This basic definition can be confusing, though. A similar concept is energy conservation. Where energy efficiency focuses on reducing the use of energy through more efficient means, conservation is simply the concept of using less energy through behavior. It is important to undersatnd the difference.

Energy Efficiency or Conservation?

You can be energy efficient everyday. The energy efficiency definition does not say you have to change anything about yourself, but rather what you change are the products, appliances and other things that use energy. So, to be energy efficient everyday you should do things like replace your appliances with energy star appliances and replace your vehicle with a more fuel efficient model.

Many people get confused and think things like walking to the store instead of driving or taking the stairs instead of the elevator are examples of energy efficiency, but that is not true. Those things fit the definition of energy conservation, not energy efficiency. To be energy efficient you would drive a fuel efficient car to the store instead of your SUV. You would ride in the energy efficient elevator instead of the one that is not.

Fitting Energy Efficiency into your Life

While not everything is within your control there are ways you can bring more energy efficiency into your life. You can not make your company install energy efficient air conditioning in your office building, but you can do so at home. You have to take the little steps and do what you can. It is about leading by example.

The government and energy efficiency groups are working hard to get companies and businesses to become more energy efficient, so you should not worry. If you can try to do business with energy efficiency compliant companies over those who are not and send your message that way.

The Point of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a long term idea. Conservation may be a nice thought but it is not a good solution. Not many people are going to want to give up using air conditioning in the summer or start walking to get places they need to go. More people, though, would be willing to install energy efficient appliances and drive more efficient vehicles.

Part of the reason why energy efficiency works is that it saves you money in the long run. When you start being energy efficient you will see the savings in your energy costs. Conservation will give you rewards, but you will also have to sacrifice. That is why energy efficiency works better.

When you think of the energy efficiency definition you just have to remember that energy efficiency is about using technology to reduce energy use and conservation is about changing behavior. That is the easiest way to keep the two ideas separate.

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