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?A Guide to Energy Efficiency Symbols

Posted by on Aug 25th, 2009
Aug 25

In order to become more energy efficient you have to learn about energy efficiency symbols. Energy efficiency symbols help you to identify products that use less energy and function at a high level of efficiency. Buying these products will help you reduce pollution, reduce energy use and save money.

Many people can recognize energy efficiency symbols but fail to understand what they mean. Most people have heard of Energy Star, but they may be confused at to what exactly it stands for.

World Symbol for Energy Efficiency

Energy Star is the world recognized symbol for energy efficiency. It may be shown in different logo forms, but it always means the same thing. When you see that star logo you know that product has been approved as an energy efficient product.

It was developed by the United States Protection Agency and Department of Energy to be a way for consumers to easily recognize energy efficient products. Energy efficient rating systems can be confusing, so energy star helps to make your purchase decision easier. You can just look for the star instead of worrying about all the complexities of energy efficiency rating.

Importance of Energy Efficiency Symbols

The energy star symbol is an important indicator of the quality of an item. These items that have the energy star on them have passed strict energy efficiency criteria in order to be labeled with the symbol.

Energy star products usually exceed the federal government energy efficiency standards. They have to be able to greatly save on energy use in order to be labeled with the star logo.

How to Use Energy Efficiency Symbols

When you are shopping you can look for the energy efficiency symbols on products. It will usually be prominently displayed. You will find the symbol of a range of products from appliances to light bulbs. When you buy a product marked with the energy star logo you can be assured that it is going to save you on energy use.

You can gradually transform your whole house into an energy star house by replacing any old appliances or products with energy star products. To help make it more affordable just shop for energy star products when your old products need replaced. You do not have to replace everything in your home right away. However, one you see the savings you get from using energy star products you will probably want to replace everything as soon as possible.

Using energy star products is not just something to save you money. It also helps to reduce pollution because these products are made to high standards where they emit less pollutants and toxins. You also will be conserving energy from depleting fossil fuels because you will not be using as much. So, the next time you are shopping for a products look for the energy star logo.

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