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?Ecology, Wildlife: How Are They Connected?

Posted by on Jul 30th, 2009
Jul 30

Ecology and wildlife; how are they connected? Ecology is the study of wildlife and the effects that different species of animals have on the world. It also includes the study of how the changing environment and humanity is affecting the wildlife population. Ecology has proven that wildlife is vital to the existence of the world itself. If the wildlife is not protected and cared for, life as we know it could cease to exist.

These studies have also proven that humanity has a large impact on wildlife and is changing the natural order of things. Ecology, wildlife studies show that due to the increase in technology, society is building more and using up the natural resources of the earth very quickly. The more society grows and expands, the less land is available for the wildlife.

This has a negative affect on the wildlife ecology. The natural habitats of the animals are being destroyed and they are being forced to adapt to new surroundings. Many species are not able to make these changes and they are becoming extinct as a result. This also has a negative impact on the earth that will greatly affect future generations.

Other things also affect ecology, wildlife and the impact it has on the earth. For example, uncontrolled forest fires will destroy the food and vegetation that wildlife needs to survive and it destroys their homes. Add this to the land being used for population growth of humans and you can imagine how little room the animals now have compare to a few decades ago. However, ecology, wildlife studies have shown that controlled fires in certain areas can actually enhance the growth of vegetation and increase the food source and habitats for many animals. This can be used to help sustain wildlife and counteract some of the damage being done.

There are many organizations and institutes that are dedicated to providing the necessary equipment needed for the study of wildlife ecology. They support the research that is essential to improving the way ecology, wildlife is monitored. This makes it possible to manage the natural ecosystems better than it has been done in the past so both the society of today and the future can benefit.

Ecology and wildlife studies involve everything from the grizzly bear to the honey bee. There is no creature that is too small for study or that doesn’t have some form of impact on the environment, even if it is not apparent. Every living creature affects the delicate balance of the world in some way and the study of ecology and wildlife will help scientist understand how they are connected.

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