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?Ecology Terms: Topics To Know

Posted by on Mar 24th, 2009
Mar 24

Ecology terms are often important to understand at any age. There are many ecology terms that often need to be defined. If you are someone who is looking for a way to teach children or you just need to know what the definition of an ecology term is, here are some of the terms you may come across.

Acid Precipitation or Acid Rain: This can include acid rain or snow that has more acid in it than normal amounts of snow would have. This is characterized by any acid precipitation that is less than a pH of 5.6. This usually comes from air pollutants that contain sulfur dioxide or oxides of nitrogen.

Biodegradable: This word is used to talk about the process that something is broken down into simpler substances such as into compounds and elements. This is used to characterize the simple, naturally occurring decomposers. Biodegradable elements are those that can be broken down so much so that they can become non toxic and ingested by other organisms without any harm.

Biodiversity: Here is another ecology term that is important to note. Within any specific geographic region, this term is used to describe the biotic factors. In other words, this is the combined area of living things, based on factors including the genetic diversity, ecosystem diversity, cultural diversity and species diversity.

Deforestation: This noun is used to talk about the removing of trees from any forested area without any or enough replanting being done.

Desertification: In this noun, the topic is the conversion of rangeland, or other croplands into a desert land. This usually incorporates a drop of ten percent or more in agricultural productivity as well. Usually, this is caused by prolonged periods of drought, by overgrazing of the land, or by the climate change.

Ecosystem: This ecology noun is used to describe the ecological community of the organism which could be plants and animals or others. It is the study of the interacting of each of these aspects as well as the interaction living beings within the space have on nonliving resources within their area.

Endangered Species: This noun is used to describe the animals, any wild species, in which there are so few individuals alive that the species could soon become extinct within all or in most of its natural range.

These ecology terms are just a few of the many you need to know. The more you know about these, the better off you will be in promoting a healthy and clean environment to your family and for generations to come.

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