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Aug 29

There are so many directions in which one can go into to address the question what causes climate change. One direction is that there are still some scientists out there who do not agree that carbon dioxide emissions released into our atmosphere is actually what causes climate change.

Dr. Evans, an Australian scientist and former senior federal government adviser accuses his prime minister of being mistaken about greenhouse gas emission being the crucial factor in what causes climate change. Dr. Evans states the government is behind the times, looking at older research prior to 1996. So what they are doing in actual fact is misleading and misinforming the public about what causes climate change by feeding them with false facts.

Dr. Evans concludes that governments in Western Countries have poured money to the tune of 50 billion dollars in research into what causes climate change looking for any bit of evidence that they can link to the phenomenon. He concludes, “The only thing we ever found was the old ice core data but that has been reversed by the new ice course. What we found instead was the evidence that carbon emissions definitely do not cause the current global warming.”

Jay Gulledge, senior scientist, Pew Climate Center, says, “We have made a link between global warming and some weather patterns.” He informs us that global warming has affected weather patterns by the theory that more heat brings about serious droughts, due to the evaporation of rain fall in some areas, and severe hurricanes in others. Furthermore, former FEMA expert, John Copenhaver says, “”Hurricanes are basically heat engines …”

However scientists still have not come to a consensus on whether or not global warming is the reason for the increase in hurricanes or even what causes climate change in the first place.

Many citizens of the USA are not buying into former vice president, Al Gore’s claims about what causes climate change. They believe his data is outdated and not consistent, with statements like warming and cooler effects are a function of global warming as well as droughts, and floods and hurricanes which seem to be polar opposites.

According to the Director of the Space and Science Research Center, John L. Casey, the age of global warming is over and the earth is actually entering a new natural cycle, which will bring in new cooler climate. He says there is new evidence from research indicating that the cooling has already begun. Even though carbon dioxide emissions have increased, climate warming has actually decreased since the year 2000.

A former scientist for Atomic Energy Corporation in South Africa, Dr. Kelvin Kemm also maintains that there is no real evidence to support that carbon dioxide emissions are the reason for global warming induced climate change.

With the Internet accessible to just about everyone the average citizen is looking up the information for or against global warming and drawing their own conclusions on what causes climate change based on the various data and expert opinions out there.

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