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There is so much talk today about green house gases and climate change that it is important to get a real understanding of what they are and how green house gases and climate change can change the world as we know it.

There are many chemicals and compounds used in industry and even in our own home for heating and cleaning, traveling, and more. These chemicals allow us to live the life we are so very accustomed to. Electricity lights and even heats our home; most appliances and machines we use in a house whether for necessity or pleasure run off electrical currents. Cleansing products, even plastic bags that we use for groceries and packing lunches all have some of these chemical compounds. The chemicals we use to treat our lawns, the fossil fuels we use to heat our homes, gas, oil, coal, wood burning (gives off carbon dioxide) and run our transportation system, cars, buses, trains, and more are green house gases and climate change is known to result because of this usage.

What makes the use of these green house gases so dangerous is that they allow the sun’s strong ultra violet rays to enter the earth where before the atmosphere, and stratosphere (ozone layer) served as a barrier to protect us from being exposed to too much heat and radiation. There is no doubt that earth is dependant upon the heat from the sun, if we did not have heat the earth would be too cold to sustain life. However, too much heat also has dire effects upon the earth’s surfaces and its sustainability for living organisms. Green house gases and climate change affects the earth’s natural heating and cooling cycles.

During the normal sequence of warming the earth, the sun will send its rays into the atmosphere, but a certain amount of heat and energy will be expelled back into space, thus regulating global temperature. However greenhouse gases absorb this heat that should be leaving the earth and trap it inside the earth’s atmosphere. The reason these fossil fuels and other chemical compounds are called greenhouse gases is that they trap the heat inside the earth’s atmosphere just like the glass panels on your run of the mill greenhouse roofs do for flowers and other vegetation. Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFS), and even water vapor release green house gases into the environment.

Green house gases and climate change will affect our way of life and unless world governments agree to cut back on green house gas emissions, the face of the world will change. Already we are seeing the glaciers melting, and the polar bears are suffering because of it. There are more incidents of hurricanes, floods, droughts, abnormal temperatures and precipitation, and water shortages of such magnitude that, they are already causing food shortages, death of humans, animals and vegetation and the worst is yet to come.

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