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There are many different ways to fight climate change, from government programs, and industry incentives to citizen and community involvement.

Governments can fight climate change by cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, and providing incentives for major industries to look into other sources of energy other than through fossil fuels.

More time and effort needs to be put into utilizing existing technology to convert over to biomass technology and new technology should be developed and tested to ease the speed and process of the conversion.

Carbon dioxide emissions are considered to be the number one offending greenhouse gas emission used by man today. Cultivating biomass from agriculture by using corn crops, as a fuel for automobiles and other modes of transportation will help to fight climate change by reducing the amount of carbon emissions from the oil and gas exhaust. Also new prototypes have been designed for hybrid cars running on electricity that not only helps the environment but also cuts down on oil dependency. This factor alone is an economic advantage for western countries.

Governments have orchestrated research on carbon dioxide burial sites within the ground to keep the carbon emissions from rising into the atmosphere. New research to fight climate change resulting from carbon dioxide emissions suggests that burying carbon dioxide deposits under the ocean may prove to be an even better solution in the long run. Carbon dioxide will mix with the existing volcanic rock to create an entirely new compound.

Future technology to fight climate change might include the installation of giant satellite disks designed to reflect heat back into space. Right now critics warn against this new technology stating that the price of such a measure would be astronomical, and more importantly the repercussions of electing for this type of new technology is unknown.

Citizens can also help to fight climate change by making some adjustments in their living conditions at home. For example conserve electricity consumption, turn appliances off and unplug them wherever you can, switch to florescent energy saving light bulbs, turn down your water heater (at all times) and your room temperature in winter months by as little as 2 degrees. Closing you curtains in the evening will keep the heat in and save on your heating bill as well. Only use your washer for a full load of clothes and turn down the water temperature. Turn your heat down when you are leaving the house for extended periods of time. Recycle at home and at work, Avoid using disposables such as diapers, cups and paper plates, plastics, paper towels and plastic disposable razors, etc. These items only serve to add to waste and garbage and clog up landfills. Plastic emit carbon dioxide and are not biodegradable. Do not print more copies of documents than you really have to, save the trees; deforestation is a big global warming factor.

If all parties; government bodies, industry and citizens team up to fight climate change, together we can make a better world for ourselves and our future generations.

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