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Nov 9

There has been much emphasis on global warming in the news for the last several decades. However, climate change is a phenomenon, which scientists have been explaining for centuries. Simply put, every so often the Earth will warm up or get cooler and this process of climate change is natural. Most scientists hold the theory that the Earth has been warming up or cooling down gradually in throughout history. They say that effects of climate change can take as much as a 100 thousand years to reverse from one condition; global warming or global cooling to the other.

They take in several facts from the world of astronomy to make their claim that climate change is natural. They look at the relationship between the Earth and the Sun, including its distance from the earth as it rotates around the Sun, the shape and distance of its orbit and whether or not its tilt is towards the Sun are away from it. All of these conditions effect how much Sun is actually penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere at any given time.

Many scientists have purported that even though climate change is natural, we have only been seeing a dramatic temperature change since the early 1900’s, incidentally correlating with the Industrial Revolution in the West. However, newer findings suggest that climate shifts occur more often in the past than was previously noted. The Earth was going through a considerable cooler climate (at least 2 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than today) between the 1700 and first half of the 1800’s. This period is often called the Little Ice Age in Europe. While much of our temperature in the 20th century was very similar to that of the 1100 and 1200’s respectively, further building the case natural climate change.

However, the last twenty years of weather analysis has shown a rapid increase in global temperature and thus weakening the claim that our present climate change is natural. Several scientists believe that this global warming suggests artificial interference by humans releasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and warming up the planet. These claims may also be valid but it does not necessarily dispel the theory that climate change is natural.

Scientists also use other means to analysis weather patterns and climate change over the history of the Earth. Studies have been done to reconstruct the Earth’s climate over the past two millennia using data which is indirectly obtained from ocean’s (sea levels) lake beds, caves, ice and glacier surfaces, and tree rings. Other studies have investigated the radiation levels from the sun with the amount of volcanic dust, in the air (volcanic dust is a catalyst to reflect heat back into space) to estimate how much heat is being returned naturally. These studies point to the conclusion that the changes in the Sun’s rays and changing intensities of erupting volcanoes can lead to climate change.

In the end, climate change is natural and may also be aided by human activity as well.

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