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Jul 15

Alternative energy has become increasingly popular with the recent rise in gasoline prices and growing concern over how long our supply of fossil fuels will last. Alternative energy is defined as energy that is renewable and is obtained from the Earth in a natural way. It also can be renewable and does not contribute to the pollution of the planet. There are several different alternative energy sources such as the Sun, wind, and waves, along with a few others. Here we will explore the different types of alternative energy sources to try to understand them better.

Solar energy is one of the most widely recognized of the many alternative energy sources. Solar energy is collected from the Sun through the use of photovoltaic cells to convert the rays of the sun into electricity. Solar energy can be used to heat swimming pools, keep car batteries charged, heat a home, heat running water for domestic uses, along with many other things. A portable solar panel will provide enough power to run a computer or some lights and will cist around $700. Solar panels can also be used as an entire system of alternative energy for the home and will cost about $20,000 to install.

Wind power is one of the most popular alternative energy sources available. Triple bladed windmills harness power from the wind and convert it into usable energy. Windmills have been used for many years to generate energy, but the technology has been improved dramatically in recent years. A windmill system will cost several thousand dollars to put in to place.

Another type of alternative energy sources is hydroelectric which uses the flow and motion of water to turn turbines to generate electricity. For large scale electricity production a dam would need to be built to more accurately control the water flow. A run-of-river hydroelectric converter can be purchased can be used to power small neighborhoods and individual homes. Also a micro-hydroelectric energy system can be purchased for less than $2000 which will provide an unlimited amount of energy to anyone that has a running stream or river on their property.

Geothermal is a naturally occurring energy produced by water under the Earths surface and also collected from heat in the atmosphere and ocean. Heat comes from the Earths inner crust and the energy is harnessed using “dry steam” power plants, “binary” power plants, and “flash” power plants. Wave energy is also one of the many alternative energy sources. Wave energy uses the oceans surface waves to generate electricity and also to desalinate salt water. All of the alternative energy sources can be used to produce energy to take pressure off the Earth and provide a sustainable and renewable source of energy for the future.

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