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Jun 10

The cost of heating fuel and gasoline has seen a dramatic increase recently. There are also many concerns that our dependence on foreign oil will continue to drive the process higher and leave us at the mercy of countries with anti-American sentiments. Along those same lines there is increasing concern over how long our supply of fossil fuels will last and how our society would be able to survive if and when the fossils fuels fail. There are also increasing concerns over the effect using fossil fuels is having on the environment. With all of these problems facing our world it seems as though alternative energy is the answer to our energy crisis. With this in mind, there has never been a better time to invest in alternative energy mutual funds.

For investors who are looking to add green technologies to their portfolios as well as those new to trading who simply wish to get a good mutual fund or invest in the future, alternative energy mutual funds are a safe way to go. There are currently three alternative energy mutual funds available in North America. Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund seeks long term gain by investing in companies that provide contributions to a clean and sustainable environment. They typically invest 25% of funds in to alternative energy sources and companies. They invest in companies in the United States as well as foreign companies and are considered to be a socially responsible fund. Calvert Global Alternative Energy Fund focuses on long term growth featuring a shift towards alternative energy. Finally Calvert Global Alternative Funds is a very promising mutual fund, but also potentially high risk and unstable. All three of these alternative energy mutual funds are considered to have high expense ratios which tend to have a negative effect on long term performance of the funds.

To avoid high expense ratios one may consider an exchange traded fund (EFTs) for investing in alternative energy mutual funds. There are currently four EFTs available that focus on clean energy for investing in alternative energy mutual funds. These are Powershare Wilderhill Clean Energy Portfolio, Powershares Global Clean Energy, Van Eck Global Alternative Energy Funds, and First Trust NASDAQ US Liquid. There are also three sub-sector EFTs that focus specifically on wind and solar power. These are Claymore/Mac Global Solar Index EFT, Market Vectors/Van Eck Global Solar Energy EFT and First Trust Global Wind Energy Index. Global EFTs tend to be more diversified and are therefore more sought after. It is always very important to do your research before investing in an alternative energy mutual fund, or any mutual fund for that matter.

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