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Dec 23

Investing in anything can sometimes seem to be a bit daunting and overwhelming. Alternative energy investments are no exception to that, but it needn’t be so. There are several ways to look at alternative energy investments from investing to expand your portfolio, to investing to increase your energy conservation, alternative energy investments can fit into any lifestyle.

If you are interested in alternative energy investments as a means to gain security for your future through mutual funds there are three different tiers to look at with a number of investment options available in each tier. The first tier for investing consists of the large substantial companies that have well established growth markets in areas of nuclear, hydroelectric and wind power. These companies are a good addition to any alternative energy investments portfolio. Also look for companies who operate in newer technologies and those that are part of an Exchange Mutual Fund (EMT). The second tier for investing consists of small to large publically listed and traded companies that are researching and developing energy technologies such as biomass and solar and fuel cells. The third tier involves privately held companies that are not listed or traded publically who are developing experimental technologies such as nano-technology based solar panels. These companies are only available as alternative energy investments to well established investors who have a lot of experience investing cash flow as well as a high income bracket.

Another way to take advantage of alternative energy investments is to invest in the products themselves. The time has never been better than it is now to invest in alternative energy resources. Many people are adding more alternative energy resources to their lives due to the rising cost of gas and the concern over whether or not our diminishing supply of fossil fuels will last much longer.

There are several different sources of alternative energy to consider when looking for alternative energy investments for your home. Solar energy is a very easy alternative energy resource to take advantage of. There are many trained and highly skilled professionals that deal with installing photovoltaic cells on homes. Using solar energy requires an initial investment ranging from $700 for a portable solar panel to run a few select items up to $20,000 to outfit an entire home to run on solar energy.

There are many state and federal incentives that are available to people who wish to install solar panels as alternative energy investments. Wind systems are also an excellent way to use alternative energy. A wind system typically will cost several thousand dollars. Another great way to take advantage of alternative energy investments if you have a running stream or river through your property is to purchase a micro-hydroelectric system. For less than $2,000 it will provide an unlimited source of energy.

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