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Sustainable development is a broad concept that refers to meeting the needs of people without hurting the environment. The concept covers meeting economic, environmental and social needs of everyone without hurting anyone or anything in the process.So, Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?
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What is a renewable energy resource and how does it fit into the future of the planet? A renewable energy resource is a natural form of energy that is used to produce power that is transformed into electricity for homes and businesses. It is a source of energy that does not run out. As the […]

Home solar power systems are becoming very popular in neighborhoods all over the world. Whether a system is designed to drive a single appliance or an entire residence, the use of this alternative energy is assuredly on the rise. But, what is it about solar power that is making it such an intriguing prospect? Why […]

Although it is a fairly new field, environmental planning and sustainable development is a concept employed in recent years to begin saving the planet from the many effects of global warming. We have to think differently, so that planning and sustainable development can affect the changes necessary to support the environment as well as the […]

May 17

With the rising use of wind energy, we are beginning to see the rise of the wind power plant. A wind power plant, or a wind farm, is a cluster of wind turbines used to generate electricity over a large area. Wind energy generation is growing increasingly important as public awareness of environmental issues grows […]

The options for residential solar power range rather greatly from small systems to large, fully self-contained units. How much or how little power a homeowner desires a system to generate will impact the amount of space required for installation and the associated costs. No matter their size or the expense involved, residential solar power units […]

The definition of ecology can be described as the science that studies the relationship that exists between organisms and the environment they live in. Every organism affects the environment and scientists need to learn all they can about all life forms to benefit the world in a positive way. The definition of ecology is often […]

Man and environment have been working against each other for years. Since the beginning of humanity, man stepped out into the world and changed it. Every time a tree branch is broken or an animal is killed, there is a lasting effect on the world. While in moderation there is no reason for alarm, in […]

May 12

Wind power usage is seeing exponential growth over the past ten years. With some countries dedicating nearly a fifth of its energy consumption to wind power, wind power generators are receiving their fair share of work. Wind turbines come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes. From the sleek modern designs of wind power generators that […]

May 11

Electronic devices are continually evolving, especially in the realm of computers. As computers become obsolete, they risk ending up in landfills. Consumers can do their part by putting a little effort into computer recycling. This particular electronic equipment is subject to many technological advances. Computer recycling serves to help save machines that are still functional […]

Ecology projects are a fantastic way to teach environmental protection topics to children, of all ages. Projects like this are not just for Earth Day celebrations, but for all sorts of events, including just a simple science class. As you consider how to teach a concept to a child, whether at school or in your […]

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