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Welcome to the Sustainable Development Blog.
Sustainable development is a broad concept that refers to meeting the needs of people without hurting the environment. The concept covers meeting economic, environmental and social needs of everyone without hurting anyone or anything in the process.So, Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?
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Wind power generation in the United States has grown by nearly 45 percent in 2007. Rising public awareness of environmental issues and the escalating costs of energy production have significantly contributed to aggressive energy policies around the world as nations clamor for policies that engage alternative energy sources. Wind power generation is a clean and […]

Energy efficiency is about changing the technology you use. New energy efficient technology operates better and uses less energy. There are many ways you can upgrade appliances in your home. Getting an energy efficiency stove is one upgrade that can save quite a bit of money over a year’s time. Plus, an energy efficiency stove […]

The recent increase in gas and oil prices has led many people to seek out energy alternatives to fossil fuels. Energy alternatives can be found in the form of solar power, wind power, geothermal power, hydro power, and wave power. Alternative energy is defined as energy that is renewable and is obtained from the sun, […]

It has long been known that governments and businesses discredited the media for global warming and climate change information. Much of the information on global warming and climate change was considered to be sensationalism, or an outright hoax aimed at scaring the average citizen. However it is becoming even more difficult to discredit the efforts […]

What is ecology and how does it affect you? Simply put, ecology is the term for the scientific studies that are done on the earth and everything that affects it. This includes wildlife, humanity, nature and in some cases environmental issues. These studies are done from a variety of different viewpoints and by using many […]

Climate change facts about our world governments and their progress to decrease global warming by at least two degrees Celsius does not seem to be all that promising. There is no secret that many governments on this planet have pledged their commitment or at least willingness to cooperate in the fight against global warming. However […]

Global warming is an issue that concerns everyone and ongoing research is being carried out to find what causes global warming. The fact is the earth is getting warmer, meteorologists have known this for quite some time now. The average earth temperature is rising at a rate of one percent per century, however the last […]

Alternative energy is energy that is renewable and naturally occurring. Alternative energy does not produce pollution and is a safer, cleaner and less destructive method of obtaining energy than using fossil fuels. Alternative energy, by its very nature, is not harmful to the Earths environment. Due to increasingly high gas prices and concerns over damage […]

Renewable energy is one of the most talked about topics today. Why is it so important to so many people? In a world where there is so much concern about the environment and about the cost of energy as a whole, it makes sense that renewable energies are being sought more often now than ever […]

The Alternative Energy Store was founded in 1999 to meet the growing demand for an affordable and reliable source for alternative energy products. They strive hard to fulfill their motto of “making Renewable Do-able” and offer energy related products at competitive prices along with educational programs, seminars and workshops to better educate the public on […]

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