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Welcome to the Sustainable Development Blog.
Sustainable development is a broad concept that refers to meeting the needs of people without hurting the environment. The concept covers meeting economic, environmental and social needs of everyone without hurting anyone or anything in the process.So, Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?
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As the demand for power in India continues to rise, this country is already seeking out alternative power sources. Although fossil fuels continue to be in high demand in this country, the use of wind energy in India is on the rise, as well. Considered a relative latecomer to the use of wind power, India’s […]

Plastic recycling is one of the most important environmental subjects. This material offers great convenience for consumers. Unfortunately, it wreaks havoc on our ecosystem. Many plastic containers were not designed with reuse in consideration. This makes them particularly dangerous for the environment. Landfills are overwhelmed with waste and plastic is one of the most threatening […]

A look at the environment of Canada will show you a beautiful landscape. With beautiful rolling mountains, amazing forests and crisp streams really help bring the nature back to North America. Unfortunately, there are plenty of concerns facing such a natural wonderland. Much like in the United States, there are risks to the environment. Wildlife […]

What is the role that renewable sources of energy have on the people that live in the United States? In some areas of the world, solar power and other types of natural energy forms are readily in use. In fact, in countries like Israel the push to find more ways to use solar power in […]

When it comes to recognizable corporate names, it’s hard to top General Electric. Known for everything from its ownership of a major television network to its creation of small electronic devices, this company is a household name the world over. One area of its operations might not be as well known as some of the […]

What legacy are we leaving for our children? What kind of wildlife will they know in their lifetime? What is happening with Polar Bears and global warming is not just shame but is a tragedy. One day the only legacy we will have for future generations of children is show them books and say, remember […]

Community ecology is a type of ecology. Perhaps one of the most interesting forms of ecology, community ecology studies the abundance, demography, and the distribution between populations that are coexisting in the same area. By studying and understanding the interaction with each other and the effect on the environment for each, it becomes evident that […]

Human beings sometimes need to be reminded that they cannot control everything in the natural world. There are forces of nature that are outside of human control and humans must learn to adapt, rather than control them. The forces of nature for which we can prepare but not prevent include earthquakes, storms and, some of […]

Ecology terms are often important to understand at any age. There are many ecology terms that often need to be defined. If you are someone who is looking for a way to teach children or you just need to know what the definition of an ecology term is, here are some of the terms you […]

Ecology and wildlife; how are they connected? Ecology is the study of wildlife and the effects that different species of animals have on the world. It also includes the study of how the changing environment and humanity is affecting the wildlife population. Ecology has proven that wildlife is vital to the existence of the world […]

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