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Welcome to the Sustainable Development Blog.
Sustainable development is a broad concept that refers to meeting the needs of people without hurting the environment. The concept covers meeting economic, environmental and social needs of everyone without hurting anyone or anything in the process.So, Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?
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Energy efficiency alone will only go so far. When fossil fuels are gone they are gone and we have to find alternatives. One such alternative that has been in the works for quite a while is nuclear energy. Nuclear energy efficiency is very good. It has been proven to be very efficient in reducing pollutants […]

The Intergovernmental panel on climate change is a panel of qualified scientific personnel set up under the umbrella of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The mandate of the Intergovernmental panel on climate change is to provide government bodies, decision makers, and all interested in climate change, its causes, affects […]

Renewable energy is one of the most talked about topics today. Why is it so important to so many people? In a world where there is so much concern about the environment and about the cost of energy as a whole, it makes sense that renewable energies are being sought more often now than ever […]

Asking the question, how does solar energy work, can help you to better understand how this type of alternative fuel can be used in your home, in your business or even to power your city or town. Soon enough, people will see more solar energy options to them, especially with the rise in natural resource […]

Dec 27

As the price of energy increases, many people are turning to more economical and environmentally friendly energy alternatives. The wind energy market has seen an increase of about forty-five percent last year. The estimates for 2008 are about the same. Wind power production in the United States spans over thirty-five states, with the Midwest holding […]

When it comes to PC recycling there are three basic principles: recycle, reduce, and reuse. PCs are becoming smaller than ever before. The new designs are sleeker, smaller, and much more advanced than anything we’ve seen in the past and many people are itching to try out the latest PC offering. This creates a new […]

Global warming is hot topic on everyone minds, but who is responsible for giving us the facts about global warming? How much of what we know are actual facts about global warming and how much is fiction? With so much information floating around about global warming and from so many sources it is hard for […]

Investing in anything can sometimes seem to be a bit daunting and overwhelming. Alternative energy investments are no exception to that, but it needn’t be so. There are several ways to look at alternative energy investments from investing to expand your portfolio, to investing to increase your energy conservation, alternative energy investments can fit into […]

The United States is the largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Morally that means that the public and private sectors including all citizens should participate finding global warming solutions. We have most of the technology at hand, with other technology in the research and the developmental stage but we do need to […]

There is nothing trivial about amazing nature trivia. The wonders of the natural world are awe-inspiring and there are countless examples of stunning facts that truly boggle the mind. Following are quick pieces of information that illustrate the magnificence of nature. Biology Even people who are not thrilled about revisiting high school biology class find […]

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